The Gambling Awareness Trust (GAT), is funded by a voluntary contributions from the Irish gambling industry.   The money raised will be used to fund research, education and treatment services to help reduce problem gambling related harm in Ireland.

Problem gambling or Gambling addiction service providers all over Ireland will be eligible to apply for funding from GAT.  GAT are now accepting Expressions of Interest from those service providers that can provide any of the following;

  • Provide a phone counselling service 7 days a week
  • Provide face-to-face counselling sessions Nationwide
  • Promote general public awareness-raising,
  • Provide education and early-prevention work,
  • Provide relapse prevention as well as exploring how to
  • Offer support online with self-help and mutual aid initiatives
  • Conduct National gambling research & prevalence study

When the next round of funding begins, Expression of Interest forms will be posted here.  Submitted forms will then be reviewed by GAT and a shortlist of possible applicants will be contacted for further information.  Following an extensive review of shortlisted applicants, funding will be provided to approved applicants.

We expect the next round of funding to become available in 2020.